About Us

Our headquarters is in the country of Shri Ram Janma Bhoomi, the land of rishi-munis, veda-puranas, powerful mantras, rich culture, the country that welcomes, shelters and helps everyone in need, My Bharat. We are based out of the southern city of Hyderabad, Telangana.

String Art Pvt Ltd is a media and film production company committed to revive the culture of Bharat through films, web series and content creation. String came into existence because political and religious entities have been doing a lot of damage to the country from within and at some point they hit a wrong string, which needed to be addressed urgently and so it started as little efforts from a couple of like minded people and it has grown into a very large family of millions.

String team and its associates take pride to advocate about the greatness of our Sanatana Dharma that brilliantly teaches us about Spiritual Sciences and a way to ultimate liberation. 

We welcome everyone, regardless of their political or religious choices, to share a common idea of being a Pro-Nationalist and steering the next generation to learn and uphold the Nationalist interests above everything.


String team strives to expose the anti-nationals and those individuals / organizations that are working against Bharat. We stand strong with our country and for Sanatana Dharma and continue working in silence and through YouTube Channel, we raise our voice against the rumors and myths that are being spread about the good governance, excellent administrative policies and laws being formed that is reforming our country for good and we speak against those who run campaigns like Breaking India, Dismantling Hindutva and illegal religious conversions within and outside the country. Some of the major works of String includes revival of lost ancient spiritual sciences. 


String team has slowly grown into a very large group, with a continued support from volunteers, supporters, many organizations and YouTube channels. We are slowly growing into a home for like minded Pro-Nationalists globally and we are growing into a platform where we promise support and provide guidance to every Bharatiya who wants to voice out for Bharat and shares a similar vision. We work harder each day to support  businesses and industries that have been contributing to our country's growth.